BiFold Doors Made in the UK - For Sale in the UK

Evolution Windows has always been very proud of it's UK manufacturing heritage. Our bifold door and window ranges are completely designed and made in the UK - this benefits the consumer as we - the makers - completely understand UK market tastes and preferences in bifold door styles and designs, and we are quickly able to respond and refine to changing tastes. 

We can also respond to specific local UK tastes through our network of local bifolding door installers. They are local experts for your area and will help you design a solution that is both sympathetic and complementary to your existing home style. Contact us for more information and to find out who your local Evolution installation company is.

Whilst the style of our bifold doors are most modern, and the materials that we use to make bifolding doors belonging very much to the 21st Century, the way that we actually make the bifold doors might perhaps belong to a different age, as we are very reliant on hand-finished construction, utilising joinery method and technique more commonly found in the manufacture of timber windows. Indeed in our factory you will find more people than machines, and this enables us to make bifold doors with a level of care and detail that no other UK bifold door manufacturer can possibly meet.


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